IXCHEL fully integrated Foreign Worker Recruitment System software (BizFWRS) is designed to increase sales, reduce cost and improve productivity by managing your clients manpower effectively, whether of foreign or domestic workers; your contact information, documents and communication between staffs, clients, prospects and permit authorities, so that you may stay ahead of your competition!

BizFWRS was developed since 2003 to help foreign recruitment agencies/companies to managed their operations, track clients information, expiration ,management reports.

Foreign Worker Recruitment System (FWRS) features

Worker Biodata

Approval Tracking

- Biodata of Workers.
- Demand / Inquiry / Approval.
- Job Order.
- Submission for Approval.
- Assign Workers to Company.
- Calling Visa Submission & Tracking.
- Worker Arrival Tracking.
- Management Report.
- KDN Forms , Immigration Forms , Embassy Letter, Check out Memo , etc.